Singapore Tour Packages

Plan a vacation to Singapore with our special and exclusive tour packages designed while keeping in mind all the stunning attractions and best of itineraries to make your trip extremely comfortable and pleasurable. Remove all the hassles and enjoy a trip which covers not just most lavish hotels, wonderful resorts, exquisite attractions and a full-fledged package that also takes care of all the essentials and safety standards that must be maintained in the current situation and other prominent health guidelines. Our Singapore tour packages are available in a range of themes such as honeymoon package, adventure trip with your friends, family trip, a luxury trip or it is customizable as well. Explore our mind-blowing packages at stellar prices, grab awesome deals on every single package and get it customized according to your needs, preferences, budget and specifications and enjoy a perfectly fantastic holiday in Singapore. All you need to do is get your backpacks ready, plan a vacation to Singapore and leave the rest upon Tripsgateway thoughtfully planned, curated and executed Singapore Holiday packages and make the most of your vacation with the best of memories to cherish for a lifetime. This year, explore Singapore at its splendid best with Tripsgateway as your tour guide, your perfect holiday companion.

Here’s a list of all our handpicked Singapore tour packages that are available in all categories such as deluxe packages, premium package, luxury package. So, pick up the package that works the best for you and suits your kind of trip or simply get it customized. Your next most wonderful and memorable trip is now a just a tripsgateway package way. Explore this magnificent country with tripsgateway Singapore Packages.

  • Singapore Combo (3N, 4D): This package consists of hotel stay, breakfast, sightseeing of all major tourist hotspots, guided tours, and cruise. The hotels included in this package are: 85 beach garden hotel in Singapore, and any 5 star hotel of your choosing at Singapore cruise. You can spend 2 Nights in Singapore, and 1 night at the Cruise. It’s a budgeted package that you can plan and customize accordingly.    
  • Singapore Splendour (3N, 4D): It’s a standard package that you can upgrade into deluxe or luxury package as per your budget standards. With this package, you get to spend 3 days and 3 nights in Singapore. In inclusions you can also expect hotel stay, breakfast, airport transfers, sightseeing, and guided tours. Hotels included in this package are: Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen.
  • Amazing Singapore (3N, 4D): This package offers hotel stay, breakfast, airport transfers, Intercity Transfers, Sightseeing, Visa etc. This package offers stay in the hotel Value Hotel Thomson of Singapore which is one of the most luxurious hotels of all times there.
  • Singapore & Malaysia Tour (5N, 6D): This package offers 3 Nights in Singapore and 2 Nights in Kuala lumpur. In terms of Inclusions, This package also offers hotel stay, breakfast, airport transfers, and intercity transfers, Sight-seeing and Guided tours as well. Hotels included in this package are: Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen in Singapore and Holiday Inn Express Kuala Lumpur.   
  • Singapore Sling (4N, 5D): Our one of the most luxurious packages, this package consists of 4N stay in Singapore at the Hotel Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen. Apart from that, this package also tends to offer breakfast, airport transfers, sightseeing and guided tours.

Clearly, enjoy the best of both the world with world class Singapore packages by Tripsgateway and experience the most blissful way of traveling that you have never experienced before. We don’t just curate packages for you, but, we create memories and magical, glittering trip to Singapore for you.

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